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TVN 7 was launched in March 2002 and is the second free-to-air channel of ITI Group. TVN 7 is a film and entertainment channel targeted at a well educated and affluent urban audience aged 16-49. The channel supplements the TVN channel with its schedule of attractive films and popular series such as “ER”, “Dr House” and “NCIS”. The programming is enhanced by the TVN in-house productions utilizing the potential of interactive TV and multimedia technologies. Available via satellite, cable networks and digital platforms, TVN 7 is received by close to 40 percent of Polish households which equates to 14 million viewers; it has been generating positive cash flows from the first day of its operations.

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TVN Siedem
ul. Wiertnicza 166
02-952 Warszawa
Phone: +48 22 8566060
Images: TVN 7