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NTL TV, launched in 1994, is a local television channel covering the Radomsko and surroundings. In December 2005 NTL TV became part of the TVN Group, and since November 2007 it is also available as an online service. NTL TV broadcasts its own local programs twice a day, in the morning between 6.45 and 8.00 (on Saturday between 6.45 and 8.15), and in the evening between 18.30pm till 19.00h and between 19.25 till 20.05.  NTL TV programs include the local news show “Kurier”, current affairs, cultural and sport programs, as well as documentaries, and entertainments and educational shows. Outside the local time slots, NTL TV transmits the TVN channel. NTL TV provides television content for other local units such as TVN Lodz, TVN Katowice, “Directly from Poland” magazine, and “Uwaga” show.

ul. 11 Listopada 2
97-500 Radomsko
Phone: +48 44 7383577