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The TVN Foundation “you are not alone" was established in May 2001 by TVN, and since its start, it has been presided by Bozena Walter. The origins of the TVN Foundation go back to an initiative of journalists and reporters, who while gathering materials for television documentaries were confronted with human suffering brought about by illness, poverty and loneliness. TVN Foundation enabled not only to show tragic stories to the public, but also to have a positive impact on the lives of the people they portrayed. Over the years, through such TVN programs as “Pod Napieciem”, “Rozmowy w toku”, “Uwaga!”, “Fakty”, and “Zielone drzwi” (“Green Doors”) TVN Foundation reached out with support to many people. TVN Foundation „you are not alone“ is financed mainly by TVN and its viewers. TVN Foundation's emphasis on health and social services is primarily focused on providing support to people suffering from incurable diseases being in need of expensive medical treatment. It supports a variety of projects that enhance the quality of life of disadvantaged people by covering the costs of therapeutic treatments and rehabilitation. For many years the TVN Foundation has been taking care of deaf and hard-of-hearing children seeking to receive cochlear implants, as well as persons with cystic fibrosis. TVN Foundation also responds to individual requests received via regular and electronic mail. All requests are being verified to make sure the support goes where it is needed the most. Additionally, TVN Foundation offers financial assistance to hospitals, orphanages, rehabilitation and medical centers covering renovation cost of their premises as well as  purchasing special medical equipment such as wheelchairs and ambulances. The most successful initiatives of TVN Foundation "you are not alone" include: "Restoring Hope ", supporting the renovation of the Child Health Center (CZD), the largest children's hospital in Poland and, built in memory of Polish children killed during the Second World War; a construction of a modern nationwide Cancer Prevention Center, opened in July 2011, adjacent to the Oncology Centre in Warsaw; the Christmas charity campaign "buy a teddy bear for your beloved one, to help people in need", which together with charity football matches between TVN stars and parliamentarians are the most popular cyclic community projects of the Foundation. "We did not realize the magnitude of the tragedy that affects thousands of people around us. Just as we had no idea how much joy, satisfaction and a sense of purpose helping people in need can give. Therefore, we are helping to help ", say employees of TVN Foundation “you are not alone”.

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TVN Foundation Council

Prof. dr hab. Zbigniew Gaciong, Head of the Department of Internal Medicine, Hypertension and Angiology at the Medical University of Warsaw
Dr. Hab. Med. Maciej Kowalczyk, Director, University Child Hospital in Kraków
Wojciech Kostrzewa, President and CEO of the ITI Group
Aldona Wejchert, Executive Vice Chairman of the ITI Group, Executive Committee Member, President of the Supervisory Board of Multikino
Edward Miszczak, TVN Program Director, Editor-in-Chief

TVN Foundation Management Board

Bozena Walter, President
Anna Maruszeczko
Dominika Świerczewska
Jacek Nowak
Paweł Świst

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  • donate to the TVN Foundation's account with BRE Bank S.A. OR/Warszawa Account No.: 25 1140 1010 0000 2581 1800 1001
Fundacja TVN "nie jestes sam"
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02-952 Warszawa
Phone: +48 22 8566353
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