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TVN News & Services Agency, established in 2009, is a provider of news andarchive video content. Additionally, it renders TV production and broadcasting services as well as creates multimedia content for websites and new media platforms. TVN Agency provides current news content focused on the most important events taking place in Poland and all over the world (thanks to cooperation with foreign partners). The Agency's newsroom operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. An extensive database featuring archive video clips, photos and editorial materials resourced from the TVN Group's channels, as well asa collection of aerial footage taken from the Newscopter Robinson R44 Raven II, is one of the company's most valuable assets. TVN Agency offers broadcasting and other technical services including the rental of SNG trucks (satellite news gathering), OB vans (outside broadcasting), studios (including virtual ones), ENG equipment (electronic news gathering), editing facilities, and the HD Newscopter. It also renders a broad range of playout and teleport services by using extensive network of satellite and fiber-optic solutions. Furthermore, the Agency handles commercial TV production (programs for television, multimedia content for the Internet, aerial pictures, rental of production and postproduction equipment and resources). The TVN Agency cooperates with the largest media service providers (e.g.Reuters, APTN), companies offering production and broadcasting services (VCSS, Global Media Services), as well as TV stations all over the globe (CNN, BBC, Euronews, France 24, NBC, Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, NHK, RussiaToday , RTR, TF1, ZDF, WDR). As a member of the TVN Group, the Agency collaborates with ENEX (European News Exchange), an association of private broadcasters uniting such giants of the media market as CBS, M6, n-tv, NTV,RTL, RTL 4 Netherlands, Sky News, and Telecinco. Polish and foreign production companies also rank among the Agency's partners. TVN Agency operates mainly in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe,providing comprehensive production and broadcasting services from major events such as the Polish Presidency in the EU Council, and the 2012 European Football Championship.

TVN News & Services Agency
ul. Wiertnicza 166
02-952 Warszawa
Phone: +48 22 4535727
Images: TVN Agency