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Multikino Malta in Poznan opened in December 2009. It has 10 modern auditoriums, 1’934 seats and a luxury area, the Platinum Zone located at the first floor of Multikino Malta. Platinum Zone is a spacious foyer with comfortable armchairs, a separate box office, a free-of-charge cloakroom, a bar offering snacks as well as alcoholic, and non-alcoholic beverages, and most importantly 3 exclusive showrooms each accommodating 44 viewers. The showrooms are equipped with digital screens, very comfortable seats and tables and a waiter service during screenings is provided. Platinum Zone is also an excellent venue for private and corporate events.

Auditoriums Info:

Auditorium 1 Number of seats: 479+6
Auditorium 2 Number of seats: 196+4
Auditorium 3 Number of seats: 124+4
Auditorium 4 Number of seats: 185+4
Auditorium 5 Number of seats: 334+4
Auditorium 6 Number of seats: 273+4
Auditorium 7 Number of seats: 185+4
Auditorium 8 Number of seats: 124+4
Auditorium 9 Number of seats: 124+4
Auditorium 10 Number of seats: 185+4
Multikino Poznań Malta
ul. Abpa A. Baraniaka 8
61-131 Poznań
Images: Malta