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Multikino S.A., incorporated in February 1996, opened in July 1998 Poland's first multiplex cinema in the city of Poznan. In 2008 Multikino and Silver Screen World Cinema merged their operations, following which the ITI Group holds 86% interest in Multikino and 14% are held by APP Slask. Multikino today operates 231 screens in 28 locations across Poland including the multiplex in Lodz under the brand Silver Screen. In August 2010 Multikino opened its first cinema in the Baltics – Mutikino Riga Plaza in Latvia, with 8 screens and 1620 seats in Latvia, followed by Multikino in Vilnius in Lithuania with 7 screens and 1547 seats, which opened in September 2010. Since its launch Multikino has been the undisputed leader in bringing attractive and innovative ideas, including non-film based events to its venues. All Multikino cinemas provide a broad entertainment offer including top movies, film premiers with celebrities as well as other events such as film marathons, concerts, live sport, opera and ballet transmissions in HD quality, and cabarets. Among the most popular events regularly organized by Multikino, that attract thousands of viewers, are the annual "Noc Reklamozercow" ("Commercial-eaters Night") - Poland's major event dedicated to the world of commercials; "Kino na obcasach" ("High heels cinema") - a weekly special performance for a female audience combining a film screening with either a care and beauty product presentation or a discussion on health and lifestyle, or even a sweets or wine degustation. "Multibabykino" is another unique and successful initiative targeted to parents on maternity leave providing a specially rearranged infrastructure to suit the needs of infants giving at the same time their parents the chance to enjoy a film. Taking into account the fast growing video gaming market, Multikino launched "Screen games", a series of video game tournaments combined with the promotion of the latest games and other computer industry products. Since 2001, when Multikino premiered the screening of football on the big screen, sport events found their permanent place in Multikino’s the repertoire. In subsequent years, Multikino was host the FIFA World Cup 2006, the Champions League and the most interesting matches of the Polish Extraklasa. In 2010 the FIFA World Cup premiered in 3D. Event coverage is not ohly limited to sports as Multikino since March 2009 brought the opera to the cinema in HD quality. For years Multikino is a co-orgenizer of the most prestigious film festivals in Poland such as Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, Cameraimage, Transatlantyk, Warsaw Film Festival and the International Young Audience Film Festival - Ale Kino. In August 2007 Multikino opened its flagship cinema Zlote Tarasy, Warsaw, which is located in the equally named shopping center. Multikino Zlote Tarasy operates 8 top modern auditoriums, whereby the Premiere Hall has become the prime venue for movie premieres in Poland. The auditorium which accommodates up to 777 viewers and is equipped with digital projectors Barco DP 4K, the acclaimed Martin Audio sound system and features Europe's largest digital projection screen measuring around 300m2 ranking third largest digital cinema screen worldwide. Multikino Zlote Tarasy, like many other Multikino cinemas, offers a unique network of Cavablanca Cinema Café. Multikino is among the leading cinema operators worldwide in terms of digitalization and implementation of 3D technology across its premises.