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photo: ITI Group / TVN
Early Days 

ITI Group was established in 1984 by Jan Wejchert and Mariusz Walter. They were joined in 1991 by Bruno Valsangiacomo and together they are the creators and founding shareholders of the ITI Group. On incorporation, the ITI Group was one of the first private companies in Poland. It started its operations as an importer of Hitachi consumer electronics, which it sold through its own outlets. Complementary to the distribution of video recorders, the ITI Group started to distribute home videos and theatrical movies. In parallel the ITI Group started to produce the first corporate videos and advertising spots becoming a production company and advertising agency. In 1985 in a bid to diversify its activities the ITI Group started the production of potato chips and bread improvers under the brand names Lilly Chips and Jan Piekarz respectively. In 1989 Poland was one of the first states to shed Communism transforming from a state controlled economy into a market economy, which had a profound impact on the operations of the ITI Group. In the years 1990 and 1991 international majors were looking to establish their presence in Poland and the ITI Group was a prime partner for many renowned international group. The ITI Group integrated its advertising operations into a joint venture with McCann Erickson, and in the food sector it entered into a joint venture agreement with Intersnack Knabber-Gebaeck trading under the brand name Chio Lilly. In 1993, following the introduction of significantly higher import duties, the ITI Group abandoned the import and distribution of home electronics and as a result In the mid 90’s, the ITI Group focused its activities on the development of its media related businesses. In 1995 it teamed up with CME and launched in 1997 its flagship, the free-to-air television channel TVN. In 1996 the ITI Group entered into a joint venture with UCI opening in 1998 Poland’s first multiplex cinema in Poznan under the brand name Multikino. By the end of 2000, the ITI Group disposed of its interests in the food sector focusing entirely on its media and entertainment activities.

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Broadcasting & Production 

The ITI Group has been involved in television advertising production since its early days. In 1985 the ITI Group launched ITI Film Studio, which was originally active in the production of television commercials and later on in the production of feature films, an activity which has been ceased. Endemol-Neovision, another production company formed in 1997 as a joint venture between the ITI Group and one of the leading international entertainment content producers - Endemol Entertainment International B.V., developed, produced and distributed such successful television formats as Big Brother, and Who wants to be a Millionaire in Poland. The ITI Group withdrew from the investment in December 2004. ITI Group's dynamic development in television broadcasting began as early as 1992 where it placed an unsuccessfully bid in a consortium with Reuters and RTL Group for the first nationwide broadcasting license. In 1995 the ITI Group teamed up with CME to bid for the regional licenses and in 1997 having been awarded the Central and the Northern Regional License it launched TVN on 3 October 1997. Today TVN is the leading commercial free-to-air television channel and one of the most prominent TV brands in Poland. Starting in 2001 under the stewardship of the ITI Group the main TVN channel was complemented by the successful launch of a series of thematic channels, namely TVN 24,  in 2001, TVN 7 in 2002, TVN Meteo and TVN Turbo in 2003, TVN Style and ITVN in 2004. This channel portfolio has been constantly developed and adapted to meet the audiences’ needs. In July 2015 the ITI Group sold its interest in TVN Group to Southbank Media Ltd., London a subsidiary of Scripps Networks Interactive Inc.

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Digital Platform 

ITI Group's strong position on the Polish market, its experience and successful launch of several thematic channels as well as the growing market share inspired ITI Group to engage in a new project to revolutionize the Polish media market. In October 2006, ITI Group launched "n" - a new generation television, the most advanced digital platform offering broadcast in HD standard, PRV and VoD features as well as some premiering on Polish television market channels. In November 2012 “n” merged with the Polish operations of leading French pay-TV operator Groupe Canal+, which merger saw the Groupe Canal+ joining ITI Group as majority shareholder in TVN Group. The ITI Group sold its indirect interest through the sale of TVN Group in July 2015.

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The ITI Group identified significant growth potential in the Polish internet market and the need to deliver quality content to users. Between 2000 and 2001, the Group launched an interactive entertainment website and in 2001 acquired a controlling interest in Poland’s leading internet portal,, a pioneer of the Polish online market, is also one of the largest European portals as measured by page-views. enjoys a leading position among providers of online services and content. Several of’s sites, such as news, life-style, sport, business and entertainment, are the No. 1 destination for Polish internet users.’s  success is based on its business development strategy to constantly create innovative products and services which are very often ultimate novelty on the Polish market. In July 2005 the ITI Group sold its direct interest in to TVN Group. In November 2012 the then owner of TVN Group entered into a strategic partnership with Ringier Axel Springer RAS, which holds a 75% interest in

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ITI Group has been engaged in the entertainment sector since 1985. ITI Cinema has been active in the distribution of theatrical films, the marketing and distribution of videocassettes and later DVDs under the brand name of ITI Home Video for the Polish wholesale and retail markets. ITI Cinema also co-produces feature films and is engaged in the distribution of theatrical films to cinemas across Poland. In 1998, the first multiplex cinema under the brand name of Multikino was opened in Poznan as the result of a joint venture with United Cinemas International (UCI). In 2008 Multikino and Silver Screen World Cinema merged their operations, following which the ITI Group held a 86% interest in Multikino and 14% are held by APP Slask. Multikino today operates several multiplex cinemas across Poland and in 2010 opened its first cinemas in the Baltic territories – Mutikino Riga Plaza in Latvia and Multikino Vilnius in Lithuania. In September 2013 the ITI Group and APP Slask sold Multikino to the UK multiplex operator VUE Entertainment.

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Pascal, acquired by the ITI Group as part of, was launched in 1991, is a leading travel book publisher in Poland. In addition to publishing its own titles, it also has the exclusive Polish rights to titles by such publishers as Lonely Planet, The Rough Guides, MGV and Gallimard.In the recent years Pascal expanded its offer by adding lifestyle publications complementing some popular shows from TVN Style to its portfolio. In April 2007, the ITI Group acquired an interest in publisher of Tygodnik Powszechny, the Catholic socio-cultural weekly magazine, which has gained a great respect and popularity among Poles in 60 years of its existence. In December 2011 after 4 years of successful cooperation the ITI Group transferred its stake in Tygodnik Powszechny to the Tygodnik Powszechny Foundation as a deed of donation. On 15 June 2012, the ITI Group sold its entire interest in Wydawnictwo Pascal Sp. z o.o. („Pascal”) to the current management team of Pascal.

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Between April 2004 and January 2014 the ITI Group owned and operated Legia Warszawa, Poland's leading football club. Legia, formed in 1916, is the all time top of the league team having won the most Polish championship and Polish cup titles among other trophies. In January 2014 the ITI Group sold its interest in Legia Warszawa to Legia’s management team.

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